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conducted at Bozeman High School. Fourteen students from
Bozeman High school participated in this focus group. Seven
out of 14 of these students intended to attend MSU. Even
though the other participants were not enrolling at MSU, they
fit the profile of the generation that is believed to be well-
versed with information technology. Thus, it is believed that
understanding how future college students in general are
trained to access and utilize information is important to
sustain the mission of MSUL. Recruitment was sought with the
permission of Bozeman High School administration. Although
a monetary incentive was offered, the Bozeman High School
administration suggested that refreshments were sufficient to
compensate students for participation. The research team
respectfully complied with the request.
2. To gather information about current patterns of information
acquisition and usage of MSUL’s on-campus users the research
team developed a survey questionnaire. Surveys are critical for
achieving a better understanding of a large population by
accessing representative samples whose selection is based on
statistical principles. Surveys offer an important benefit because
results from a statistically valid sample can be generalized to the
population of interest within a known margin of error. Survey data
are analyzed and interpreted for MSUL’s administration in this report.
Details regarding survey administration are as follows:
a. The Marketing Club developed two separate surveys tailored
to two different populations of interest; students and faculty
at MSU. The surveys are included in the appendix to this
report. The student survey focused on issues concerning
current methods of acquisition and usage of information for
academic purposes. The faculty survey focused on assessing
patterns of information acquisition and usage relevant to
supporting teaching and research activities. Because we
have no prior reason to believe that students and faculty
from different colleges access and utilize information
differently a random sample was preferred over a stratified
sample. Participation was requested through instructors
whose classes were picked from a random sampling of
classes in session at MSU. Instructors were requested by
electronic mail to allow access to their students during class
time. If an instructor did not wish to allow access, another
randomly picked class was used to substitute the inaccessible
b. In all 246 student responses were obtained. Although in the
proposal presented by the Marketing Club to the MSUL
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