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7. What resources doe you use to complete
8. What is your single greatest resource when completing an
9. Does your prospective college’s information infrastructure have a
bearing on your decision to attend (high school only)
To sustain the flow of focus group discussion some of our questions were
based on the discussion taking place within the focus group. Thus, we
transcribe the responses without mentioning the specific question that
was asked. The responses have enough context to allow the reader to
understand the topic being discussed. Sample verbatim responses are
transcribed within the text of the report. Key themes that emerged from
the focus groups were as follows:
High school
Open to emerging technology
Highly interactive in Social Networks
Majority of the Research done on-line
“Where is the library”
A majority into on-line/console games
Heard about colleges giving students laptops/ipods
Use Wikipedia to start research
For the college focus group our classification was based on credits
earned plus credits currently enrolled in. The number of years at MSU had
no bearing on class level.
Freshman and Sophomore:
Exploring emerging technology
Facebook and Myspace users
Use print resources to supplement on-line research
Use Wikipedia to start a majority of their research
“Sometimes I just want to get the assignment over because I don’t
really care about the subject matter”
Core/uninteresting/boring classes are a waste of time
Easiest information source is used to complete assignment
Junior and Senior:
Hesitant to use Wikipedia (Rumors about validity)
Use librarians for important papers/assignments
Internet sources and on-line print sources used for less important
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