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Material Engineering Career Resume
Material Engineering Career Resume
Jill Bishop
123 Boysen Ave. #12 San Luis Obispo, CA 93405 (805) 4401234
Materials Engineer I position with Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Summary of Qualifications
Experience in research, analysis, material selection, and mechanical testing
Experience with design, fabrication, and standard operating procedures
Hands-on team projects involving design, process, testing and/or analysis
Extensive customer service, teamwork, and communication experience with peers and management
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering, June 2012
Major GPA: 3.02
Areas of specific study:
Mechanical Behavior, Biomaterials, Physical Metallurgy, Composites, Polymers, Joining of Advanced Materials,
Micro Systems, Micro Fabrication, Electronic Properties of Materials
Materials Engineering Experience
Process Development Engineering Internship 06/119/11
Catalytic Solutions Inc. Oxnard, CA
Modified 3-point bend mechanism to perform repeatable 4-point bend tests
Developed testing procedure for qualifying raw, coated, and finished substrates
Redesigned Excel worksheets for the NOx emission of each coating process
Wrote Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and reports for internal publication
Senior Project: Friction Stir Welding (FSW) AZ31 Magnesium Alloy 09/11Present
Objective: Determine rotation speed and weld speed for defect free weld with 85% base- metal properties.
Researched FSW and Mg alloys
Mount and polish for optical microscopy and analysis of weld nugget
Micro hardness traverse and tension test for mechanical analysis
Oral presentation and published paper (June 2012)
Technical Projects
Material selection and design of SMARTPill microchip for short-term drug delivery
Biocompatibility of Titanium alloys research and critique
Team designed and fabricated Fiber Optic assembly to test light transfer
Aluminum beverage can strain measured with strain gauges with partner
As a team, fabricated and tested YBa
Researched and critiqued the effect of laser welding parameters
Technical Skills
Mechanical Testing Process & Product Development Research and Analysis
Product & System Design Standard Operating Procedures Bill of Materials
Proficient using: MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Outlook, and Minitab
Work Experience
Health Plus Pharmacy, San Luis Obispo, CA 7/09 – 6/10
Sales Clerk (20 hours per week)
Performed customer service functions including assisting customers with product inquiries and responding
to customer issues timely and effectively.
Served as liaison between pharmacists and customers to address prescription and over-the counter
medication questions.
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Material Engineering Career Resume