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Mbbs Doctor Resume Template
Mbbs Doctor Resume Template
MBBS Doctor Resume
Contact: +91-XXXXXX
Mail Id: XXXXXXX@gmail.com
Career Objective
Seeking a start level position to start my career where I could add my
medical knowledge and good patient serving skills in hospitality
Educational Background
-MBBS from XXXXX College affiliated with XXXX University in year
XXXX with XX %.
-Intermediate from XXXX School In year XXXX with XX %.
-High School passed from XXXX School in year XXXX With XX %.
Core competencies
-Sound knowledge of medical terminology.
-Good command over handling the medical equipments.
-Good knowledge of Anesthesiology, and Surgery.
-Can handle the patients.
-6 months internship program from XXXX hospitals.
-Assisting the senior doctor in checking the patients.
-Diagnosing the disease as per the symptoms.
-Observing and performing the examination of samples for disease
-Learning the diagnostic methods and equipments.
-Periodically meeting the patients and observing their improvements
and making reports.
-In case of emergency giving the basic treatment to the patients.
-Helping other medical staff in performing their duties.
-45 Days training on anesthesiology.
-2 months training on General surgery from XXXX Hospital.
-1 month training on Ophthalmology.
-2 months training on general medicines for various diseases.
Personal skills
-Have patience.
-Helping nature.
-Ability to handle the stressed situation.
Extracurricular activities
-Participated in camp organize in XXXXX city by our college to give
free medicines and treatment to the poor people.
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Mbbs Doctor Resume Template