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Approval of Minutes
The minutes were read from the August meeting and approved.
The Board, new principal, and guests were introduced. Kim Abercrombie was nominated as the new Secretary. A
motion to elect Kim was made by Tony Wang and seconded by David Jaffe. All present voted in favor, and Kim
Abercrombie was confirmed as the new Secretary.
Advisory Committee
There are a number of parent openings on the Advisory Committee. These openings were listed in the most recent
newsletter. Three parents indicated an interest in serving on the committee. Erik Andersen will follow up with those
parents and do some additional recruiting to fill these openings.
The budget for the current school year was distributed by Kim Ralls, PTA Treasurer, and reviewed by the board
and PTA members at the last meeting. In tonight’s meeting, David Jaffe made a motion to approve the budget
which was seconded by Rachel Valdez. All present voted in favor of approving the budget as presented.
Principal’s Report
Principal Jeff Hay presented his report.
New Business
Recap of Back to School night – September 9
Parent Education Programs – Counselors
Teacher Grants Application Process – Oakdale Schools Foundation
Committee Reports
Committee reports
Computer Support
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