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Meeting Notes Template 2
Pre-Decisional: For NHIN Coordinating Committee Reference Page 1 of 7 NHINCC Monthly Call Notes: 2/18/10 - Draft
NHIN Coordinating Committee
Monthly Call
Meeting Notes: 2/18/10 (10:00 11:00 am EST)
Portions of the meeting notes related to Confidential Participant Information may have been
Committee Members
NHIN Production Participant Members
Jim Borland, SSA (NHIN CC Chair)
Michael Matthews, MedVirginia
Andrea Wilson, VA
John Mattison, Kaiser Permanente
Leslie Shaffer, DoD
NHIN Cooperative Representative Members
Holt Anderson, NCHICA (NHIN-CC Vice-Chair)
Marc Overhage, Regenstrief
Mary Jo Deering
Mariann Yeager, (NHIN-CC Secretary)
Invited Subject Matter Experts
Steve Gravely, Troutman Sanders
Erin Whaley, Troutman Sanders
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Meeting Notes Template 2