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Nonprofit Governance and Management, Third Edition
Practical Advice Note: Formats for minutes vary among organizations based on
tradition, preferences of board leadership, recommendations from legal counsel, and, in
some cases, as a result of legal or regulatory concerns. Although there is no universal
template for minutes, consistency in format is generally considered advisable. Following
is a template that may be helpful to officers or staff charged with drafting minutes.
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Templates for Minutes
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of
[Insert Name of Organization]
Held [Insert Date]
At [Insert Location]
The following directors were present/absent (* indicates absence)
[List all directors. Place * after the names of those not present]
The following members of management were present:
The following guests were present:
Call to Order and Introductions
[Insert name of Chair], Chair called the meeting to order at ______[a.m. or p.m.] and
introduced the members of staff and guests in attendance.
Approval of Minutes
On motion made, seconded, and carried, the board approved the previously distributed
minutes of the meeting of the board held [insert date].
Report of the Executive Officer
[insert name of Executive Officer], Executive Officer, reviewed and responded to
director questions on the following matters:
[list matters discussed and brief summary of what presented]
Financial Report
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