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Meeting Recap Template
Nonprofit Governance and Management, Third Edition
[Insert name and title] reviewed and responded to director questions on the previously
distributed financial statements [including the [insert date] income statement and the
balance sheet. He/She also reviewed and responded to questions on the status of the
organization’s performance in comparison to the budget approved on _______. It was
the consensus of the board that management [e.g., needed to take steps to reduce
expenses in connection with _________]. The Executive Officer indicated that he/she
would discuss potential options for [e.g., expense reduction] with the Executive
Committee at its next meeting.
Presentation on Programming
The Executive Director introduced [Insert name and, if applicable, title], who manages
the organization’s community outreach programs. Mr./Ms. [insert name] reported on
recent efforts to [e.g., expand/revamp] certain programs, including [name of programs].
He/she responded to director questions on [e.g., costs and effectiveness of] the various
programs, [e.g., actions being taken to train staff and plans to make constituents aware of
changes to programming].
Presentation on Banking/Brokerage Relationships
The Executive Director and the Treasurer reviewed the organization’s banking and
brokerage relationships and requested board approval of a resolution to open a new
brokerage account at [insert name of institution] to facilitate handling of donations of
stock by individuals through that institution. Following discussion, on motion made,
seconded, and carried, the board adopted the following resolution in the format requested
by [name of brokerage institution]:
[insert text of resolution]
Committee Reports
The board acknowledged receipt of the following previously distributed committee
Report of the [Insert Date] Meeting of the Committee on Governance
Report of the [Insert Date] Meeting of the Nominating Committee
Report of the [insert Date] Meeting of the Executive Committee.
[Insert Name], Chair of the [Insert Committee Name] responded to director questions on
[insert as appropriate, e.g., the process that committee was using to survey governance
practices of other nonprofit organizations].
The Chair reminded directors of the [insert date] board offsite planning meeting and
requested directors who had not already done so to confirm their attendance at the
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Meeting Recap Template