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A. COMPANY ACRONYM shall undertake the selection process of the recommended
students in adherence to COMPANY ACRONYM policies and guidelines in recruitment
and selection for this purpose;
1. Ensure that students undergo training related to their course, and provide the student
interns with work or activities that are varied and challenging;
2. As far as practicable, accommodate the students for three alternate trimesters
(PRCACM1, PRCACM2, and PRCACM3), consistent with the schedule of the ACM
3. Provide students with a formal training program or specific training schedule for
every PRCACM;
4. Provide students with an orientation about the company and about the job;
5. Designate a Program Coordinator who will coordinate with DLSU INC. the various
activities under this program;
6. Assign an immediate supervisor who will monitor and discuss the performance of the
student interns, every month end, for the duration of the management Internship;
7. Ensure a safe and conducive working environment for the student interns;
8. Expose the student interns to the various stakeholders of the company;
9. Provide an allowance (of at least 75% of minimum wage) to student interns;
10. Accomplish the monthly and term-end evaluation form and discuss the results of the
performance evaluation with the student interns;
11. Designate a representative during the culminating activity of the student interns; and
12. Inform the school, through the faculty adviser or coordinator, other matters related to
the Management Internship
B. DLSU INC. shall:
1. Recommend students who will undergo internship under the Management Internship
(PRCACM) Program after going through the usual selection process of COMPANY
2. Designate a faculty coordinator and/or faculty adviser who will coordinate with
COMPANY ACRONYM on the various activities under this program;
3. Inform COMPANY ACRONYM, through the faculty adviser or coordinator, other
matters related to the management Internship; and
4. Together with the students, faculty, and parents concerned, renounce and waive any
claim against COMPANY ACRONYM for any injury or loss that the student intern
may sustain or may suffer, personal or pecuniary, in the performance of their duties
and functions while under training not attributable to the negligence or willful act of
any of the personnel of COMPANY ACRONYM. The waivers of the concerned
parties shall be submitted to COMPANY ACRONYM prior to the commencement of
the training.
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Memorandum of Agreement