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C. Under this Internship Program, the following terms and conditions are likewise
1. It is expressly understood that there will be no employer-employee relationship
between COMPANY ACRONYM and the student interns of DLSU INC.;
2. The student interns will be personally responsible for any and all liabilities for
damage to property or injury to third persons, which may be occasioned by their
intentional or negligent acts while in the course of their training;
3. DLSU INC. through the faculty advisers shall see to it that the student interns
complete the agreed scope of work within the agreed duration of the program;
4. It is expressly understood by DLSU INC., and the student interns that all information
on technology, manufacturing process, process standards, quality assurance
methodologies, quality standards, production capabilities, raw material purchasing,
marketing, finance and all other related documents, manuals, and operational or
technical matters that COMPANY ACRONYM shall make available to them shall be
used for the sole purpose of student training. All of these matters are classified as
confidential in nature and proprietary to COMPANY ACRONYM and the student
intern hereby undertake to prevent transfer of such information by any of its members
to any party outside of COMPANY ACRONYM without the knowledge and written
consent of COMPANY ACRONYM. The student intern hereby acknowledge this
condition specifically after having read and affixed their individual signatures to the
CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT, a sample of which is attached herewith,
which forms part of this Agreement;
5. Any intellectual property owned by the parties prior to this agreement shall continue to
be owned by them. The student-intern cannot use any confidential information or data
from the company to create intellectual property without the express written approval
of the company;
6. Any intellectual property independently created by the student-intern during the
period covered by the practicum shall be exclusively owned by the student-intern.
Should COMPANY ACRONYM provide financial support for the creation of such
intellectual property, the ownership of the intellectual property shall be determined by
agreement of the parties which shall be embodied in a separate written agreement;
7. In case the student-intern jointly creates intellectual property with a person employed
by COMPANY ACRONYM the intellectual property shall belong to the student-
intern and the COMPANY ACRONYM jointly in equal shares, unless the parties
agree on a different proportion of ownership.
This AGREEMENT shall hold for the duration of the 2011-2012 Academic School Year
of DLSU INC., and is automatically renewable every year, provided that COMPANY
ACRONYM and DLSU INC. reserve their respective rights to withdraw their
participation in the agreement upon written notice.
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Memorandum of Agreement