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Appendix C: Sample Memorandum of Lease 01/2011
The Lease requires that the Leased Land be used only for residential purposes. Any
additions or alterations to the Home must comply with the terms of the Lease.
No liens for services, labor, or materials shall attach to the CLT’s title to the Leased Land.
The Lease requires the Homeowner to make certain monthly payments.
The Lease requires that this Memorandum of Ground Lease be recorded in the records of
___________ County, ____________.
This Memorandum is executed pursuant to the provisions contained in the Lease and is not
intended to vary the terms and conditions of the Lease, but is intended only to give notice of
such Lease and the provisions thereof.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have executed this Memorandum of
Ground Lease.
(notarize signatures)
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Memorandum of Ground Lease