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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer
Menu Card
_Finger- Foods
_Grilled specialties
_Poultry dishes
Turkey breast (plain or stuffed)
Roasted Goose
Turkey Geschnetzeltes
(fried turkey strips in cream sauce with cheese)
Turkey steaks w/ peach on sauce of cream, gratinée
Poultry ragout
Poultry cocktail
Roast goose
Tortillas w/ diverse stuffings
Vol-au-vent with various fillings
Onion rings
Chicken kebobs
Shrimp in batter
Sesame pastry
Spring rolls
Stuffed chicken breast
Vegetables dips
Mini pizzas
Beef salad
Ham salad
Chicken salad
Sausage salad
_Au gratin and pasta dishes
Potato bake
Serbian rice bake with meat bake
Lasagne or vegetable lasagne
Green pasta with tomato, cream or salmon sauce
Black pasta with gorgonzola sauce or salmon sauce
Pasta bake
Leek paste
Tortellini in cream sauce
_Cold platters
Pork Tenderloin
Turkey breast
Roast beef
Roast beef rolls with egg salad
Chicken drumsticks
Ham rolls
Cocktail meatballs
Baby schnitzel with fruit
Medallions w/fruit
Smoked ham on honey dew melon
Cheese platter
Canapés (party sandwiches)
BBQ sausage
Marinated Pork belly
Marinated neck steak
Marinated Schnitzel
Suckling pig
_Vegetarian dishes
Spinach strudel
Vegetable strudel
Potato strudel
Vegetable lasagne
Mixed party buns
Various French breads
Party wheels (whole-wheat rolls, rye, etc)
Flat breads
Ciabatta breads
/w herb butter, schmaltz, herb curd, zaziki
Salads with meat
Potato salad
Rice salad
Curried rice salad
Pasta salad
Salads to fill you
Green leaf salad
Feldsalat (loose leaf lettuce)
Green lettuce
Ruccola saladItalia salad
(tossed greens w/cheese)
Cabbage salad
Bavarian cabbage salad
Colourful pepper salad
Bean salad
Cucumber salad
Tomato salad
Carrot salad
Mixed vegetables
Celery salad
Leek salad
Cauliflower salad
Broccoli salad
Plate of cruditée w/ kidney beans, sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumber
Salad „Lasagne“
Tomatoes w/ slivered mozarella
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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer