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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer
Menu Card
_Italian menu
_Menu 2
_Menu suggestions
Lasagne, tortellini in ham and cream sauce
Scaloppini in tomato sauce
Green pasta
Italia salad
Tomato slices with mozzarella
Small Italian buns (ciabatta)
_Menu 1
Beef consommé w/ vegetables, egg and dumplings
Jägerbraten w/ cream sauce
Marinated beef with sauce
Potato gratin
Bread & potato dumplings
Red cabbage, peas & carrots
Italia salad
Wine and chocolate crèmes
Crusty pork, cream sauce
Spit roast
Potato gratin, home fried potatoes
Italia and cabbage salad
Cheese platter
Party rolls
Mousse au chocolate
Vanilla mousse
Vanilla mousse w/ steamed apple- pieces
Mousse au Toblerone
Wild blueberry mousse
The following are suggestions only and can
be altered according to personal taste.
Black forest crème
Mandarin crème
Strawberry crème
Peach cme
Pineapple crème
Chocolate crème
Gentlemen's crème
Wine crème
Quark dessert
Fruit salad w/ vanilla sauce
Stewed berries w/vanilla sauce
Caramel crème
Egg liqueur créme
Regular Light
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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer