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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer
Menu Card
_Menu 6
Smoked salmon on toast, dressing
Turkey breast, curry cream sauce
Herbed roast beef, red wine gravy
Pork filet, saucearnaise
Vegetable rice, potato gratin, potatoes
Vegetable platter (au gratin or steamed)
Bean salad and celery salad
Cheese platter
Party rolls
Chocolate crème and peach crème
_Menu 7
Königinpastetchen (Vol-au-vent filled with chicken á la king)
Chicken broth with vegetables, dumplings and egg
Pork Tenderloin w/ mushroom cream sauce
Roast beef, gravy
Parsley potatoes
Princess beans with bacon and onions
Broccoli au gratin
Cauliflower salad and tomato salad
Gentlemen’s crème and mousse au chocolat
_Menu 3
Suckling pig or pork hocks
Mashed potatoes
Party rolls
_Menu 4
Geschnetzeltes (fried meat strips, served in a cream sauce with cheese)
Pepper salad
Stewed berries w/ vanilla sauce
_Menu 5
Smoked tenderloin in puff pastry,
Sauce Béarnaise
Stuffed roast of beef, gravy
Butter potatoes
Potatoes au gratin
Vegetables au gratin
Green bean parcels
Cucumber salad and green lettuce
1 platter ham rolls, meatballs, Schnitzel w/fruit
Cheese platter, garlic butter
Party rolls
Black Forest crème
Fruit salad
Vanilla sauce
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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer