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Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer
Menu Card
_Menu 8
Cream of asparagus soup
Rack of venison, gravy
Potato dumplings
Red cabbage
Green leaf salad
Swiss roast, sauce Béarnaise
Potatoes au gratin
Cabbage salad and colourful peppers
Strawberry crème and wine crème
_Cold Buffets
Buffet #1
We also provide
Dishes, cutlery, glasses, etc.
Bar compl w/ beer-tap …..
Tent 4 m x 8 m
Benches and tables
Bistro tables
Chicken drumsticks
Chicken breast with fruit
Ham rolls
Cocktail meatballs
Small Schnitzel with fruit decoration
Cheese platter, garlic butter
Baguette or party rolls
Pasta, curry rice, beef and ham salad
Buffet #2
Smoked ham on honey dew melon
Turkey breast
Roast beef rolls w/egg salad
Medallions on fruit
Salmon, Garlic mayonnaise
Fish platter incl. Filet of trout, scampi
Smoked salmon, dressing
Cheese platter, Party rolls
Potato, leek, rice salad
Fruit salad with vanilla sauce
Buffet #3
Sesame pastry
Filled vol-au-vent
Chicken spears
Stuffed chicken breasts
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