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CCB Minutes Page 2 June 24, 2014
Interim Administrator Berri Leslie reported that CCB has a very simple budget that is very easy
to track; licensing revenue and money spent. CCB projects it will underspend its budget for
this biennium. CCB Administrative Services Manager Kimberlee Ayers and Enforcement
Manager Stan Jessup keep a close watch on revenue and make sure CCB is being conservative
in its spending.
Ms. Leslie reported a six percent increase in the number of new licensees from this time last
year. CCB is averaging 80 percent renewal rate for the quarter.
Ms. Leslie also reported that Enforcement staff had begun a statewide campaign of making
unannounced visits to construction jobsites (commonly known as “sweeps”).
The sweeps began in the spring, and will continue throughout the year.
In response to the Administrator’s Report Board member Patrick asked that the new licensing
and renewal charts and graphs be included in the Board packets. In regard to the newsletter
article on enforcement violations, Board member Patrick asked that a short explanation be
listed rather than the code violation number. Additionally, Board member Patrick requested
that the list of continuing education providers (RCE) simply have the names of the approved
providers. Currently the website gives a list of courses and each course has to be opened up to
see who is providing the course.
(Staff Action item 6.24.F)
Ms. Leslie asked if Board members had any comments or changes on the Board Strategic
Planning document. No comments were made.
1. Use of Lay Representatives in Contested Case Hearings (Dahlin):
CCB Policy Analyst Kathleen Dahlin discussed the use of lay representative in contested
case hearings. In order for this to happen, three things needed to happen: 1) the agency
needs to update its rules, 2) train staff, and 3) prepare and retrieve certain data to report to
the Department of Justice (DOJ).
Staff have now completed all three tasks (including DOJ Code of Conduct training that
Stan Jessup conducted on April 29, 2014). The target date for the initial report is July 1,
2015. The actual report is due July 1, 2017.
2. Public Records Fee Rules (Dahlin)
CCB Policy Analyst Kathleen Dahlin reported that at the April Board meeting Board
members asked staff to address the rule covering public record fees to cover actual costs
rather than pre-set amounts. In 2008 the agency chose to adopt a more specified pre-set
fee format. It is important that the agency recoup its actual costs. The rule revision
recommendations are included in the first look packet and the handout.
3. Attorney Fees Recovery (Dahlin)
CCB Policy Analyst Kathleen Dahlin reported that at the last Board meeting staff were
asked to address attorney fee recovery by either statute or rule change. A statute change is
needed to make any changes. Currently, CCB does not have any legislative concepts
proposed that would work. The earliest CCB could submit a legislative concept would be
in either the 2016 or 2017 sessions. There are four agencies that have recovery of attorney
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Minutes Of Construction Contractor Meeting