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CCB Minutes Page 3 June 24, 2014
fees in their statutes. Trying to obtain a statute change is a problem because the Oregon
State Bar Administrative Law Section has said they will oppose any agency that tries to
put this in their statute. Ms. Dahlin did not recommend moving forward with this issue.
1. Review of Rules and Discussion:
Interim Administrator Leslie and Policy Analyst Kathi Dahlin discussed the proposed rule
changes with Board members.
2. Rulemaking Hearing:
Chair Yorke opened the administrative rulemaking hearing at 11:03 a.m. and read a
statement regarding the rulemaking hearing.
Public Comment: No one came forward to give public comment.
The Board made the following motion after discussion of the proposed rules:
MOTION: Jim Patrick moved to approve the rule amendments on pages 55 to 75 of the
Board packet, strike the word “structure” from 812-002-0120(1)(a), and revise 812-006-
0200((6)(k) to change the surety bond from “$20,000” to “$10,000.”
VOTE: 5-0, AyesNeall, Oden-Orr, Patrick, Wood, and Yorke.
Board members discussed looking at revising the definition of casual, minor,
inconsequential further to make it clear that roofing, windows and siding work (while no
permit is required) is not minor, casual or inconsequential work.
(Staff Action item 6.24.H.2)
The rulemaking hearing closed at 11:08 a.m.
(Note: See Attachment B for the language of the adopted rules.)
3. Temporary Rules Filed:
Interim Administrator Leslie asked if Board members had any concerns regarding the
temporary rules filed (page 120-137 of Board packet). No concerns were raised.
Bonnie Sullivan said she appreciated the changes being made. Ms. Sullivan strongly
encouraged holding Board meetings every month. Ms. Sullivan recommended that CCB find
incentives for younger people to encourage them to enter the construction industry.
Ms. Sullivan suggested that CCB help different community leaders get high school students
interested in the construction industry since the average age of construction contractors is
between 45 to 60 years old.
1. Home Inspector Testing:
Due to time constraints this item was not discussed.
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Minutes Of Construction Contractor Meeting