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Net Disposable Income Calculation ©
11 Enter the total of any other income tax deductions
12 Enter the total of all other deductions, e.g.. funeral plan
13 This amount represents the monthly combined net remuneration
14 Enter the average monthly dividend income
15 Enter the monthly average rental income received from existing buy to let properties
16 Enter monthly maintenance amount received from a previous spouse
17 Enter the total monthly pension received
18 Enter the total monthly rent paid. If a primary residence is being acquired and a property is currently being rented, the rent amount should be excluded from the calculation
19 Enter the monthly average for water, electricity and gas payments
20 Enter the monthly council tax paid on properties owned
21 Enter the average monthly repairs and maintenance on existing properties
22 Enter the monthly levy payable to a body corporate for properties that form part of a complex
23 Enter the average monthly telephone, mobile phone and internet expense
24 Enter the current monthly insurance premium
25 Enter the current monthly life insurance premium
26 Enter the average monthly medical costs that are not covered by a medical aid
27 Enter the total monthly premiums associated with retirement annuities
28 Enter the average monthly payments relating to other investments
29 Enter the average monthly donations amount
30 Enter the average monthly education cost, e.g.. school fees
31 Enter the average monthly vehicle fuel and maintenance costs
32 Enter the monthly subscription fee applicable to television / cable rentals
33 Enter the monthly average membership cost, e.g.. gym membership
34 Enter the total monthly subscription fees applicable to newspapers, magazines, etc.
35 Enter the total monthly domestic wages, e.g.. housekeeper wages, gardener wages, etc.
36 Enter the average monthly cost associated with gardening services / landscaping
37 Enter the average monthly grocery spend
38 Enter the average monthly clothing spend
39 Enter the average monthly cost associated with entertainment, take-outs and restaurants
Enter a monthly total for maintenance payments relating to estranged spouses and dependents
41 Enter total monthly cost of any other expense items that do not form part of any of the other categories
42 Enter a monthly total for existing mortgage repayments
43 Enter a monthly total for personal loan repayments
44 Enter a monthly total for motor finance repayments
45 Enter a monthly total for computer finance repayments
46 Enter a monthly total for furniture finance repayments
47 Enter a monthly total for credit card repayments
48 Enter the average monthly combined bank charges
49 Enter a total for any other financing payments that do not form part of the other financing cost categories
Note: If you're experiencing any difficulty in completing this spreadsheet, we recommend using our Personal Finance template to analyze your monthly household expenses.
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Mortgage Calculator Excel Template