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Moving Checklist and Planner
Moving Checklist and Planner
Moving Checklist and Planner
If using a mover: contact moving companies for estimates.
If moving yourself: contact truck rental companies for estimates.
Create a floor plan of new home for furniture placement. Sell or donate unneeded pieces.
Make a home inventory. Begin to remove clutter. Start with basement, attic, and garage.
Start a file of moving paperwork and expenses. Can be used for tax credits and claims.
For kids: arrange to transfer school records.
For family: arrange to transfer medical, dental, legal records. Ask for referrals.
For pets: transfer veterinary records. Take pets for immunization, if necessary.
Get your new home ready. Contact painters, carpenters, plumbers, locksmiths, roofers, etc.
Banking: prepare to transfer financial and safety deposit box contents to new branch.
Documents: be sure all personal, family, and financial records are accounted for:
Birth certificates, passports, insurance, medical, dental, legal, and academic records.
Obtain missing documents from authorities.
Choose a mover or truck rental company. Be sure to have references.
If using a mover: schedule moving company.
If moving yourself: reserve moving truck, ask friends to help or hire a moving team.
Obtain and fill out post office change of address cards, or do online. Use mail forwarding.
File change of address with Federal Government (IRS, Revenue Canada).
Make arrangements for storage, if necessary.
Get antiques or valuables appraised.
Order moving materials: boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other supplies.
Start to pack: seasonal clothing, sports gear, and other items not in immediate use.
Clean out closets and drawers.
Use food and supplies which cannot be moved.
Hold a garage or moving sale.
Give items away to charity.
Prepare antiques, collectables, and plants for extra special moving care (pianos).
For kids: arrange for special travel arrangements, flights.
For pets: arrange for special travel arrangements, flights.
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Moving Checklist and Planner