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Moving Checklist and Planner
If using a mover: confirm date and time of packing and moving.
If moving yourself: confirm moving truck. Confirm help with friends or moving team. Pack.
Find a new home for plants or items that cannot be moved.
Confirm travel arrangements.
Pack a travel kit. Put aside critical items beforehand:
Financial: check book, credit cards, cash, traveler’s checks, and foreign currency.
Travel: passports, birth certificates, ID, keys, flashlight, tools, papers for movers.
Baby Care: diapers, stroller, car seat, medications, clothing.
Children: toys, medications, books, clothing.
Kitchen: dishes, utensils, food.
Personal: bedding, clothing, toiletries, medicine, bandages.
Pack a Suitcase: have items on hand in case movers are delayed with belongings.
Cell Phone: keep the charger handy.
Settle any bills with local businesses.
Banking: transfer all financial and safe deposit box contents to new branch.
If using a mover: let movers pack your belongings.
If moving yourself: dismantle beds and large furniture. Continue packing items.
Defrost refrigerator and freezer.
Drain power equipment of oil and gas. Drain water hoses.
Drain waterbed.
Disconnect and prepare major appliances for move.
Set aside items to travel with you (like a travel kit) to prevent it from being packed.
Pack a box of items that will be needed first at new home. Mark “load last” on box.
Confirm arrival time of moving van or truck.
Confirm hotel or accommodation.
Have several copies of directions to your new home printed out.
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Moving Checklist and Planner