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Museum Curator Resume Template
Museum Curator Resume Template
Museum Curator Resume Template
Catherine G. Donaldson
Margaret St., Pensacola, Florida
Phone: 305- 455-0998
To be a museum curator specializing in war artifacts and implements in a large metropolitan
Summary of Qualification
Almost a decade of experience in handling authentic museum-grade war implements
specializing in wars from the 10
century onwards.
Excellent writing and organization skills
Career Experience/Job History
2000 Present: Museum Curator, War Artifacts, State Museum
Coordinate with reputable archeologists, anthropologists and history professors in
evaluating and ensuring the authenticity of war implements and personal artifacts of
famous persons of history.
Coordinate with museum security to ensure that all exhibit materials are properly and
securely mounted and protected.
Develop the museum catalogue for the war artifacts.
Manage museum staff and mentor them in the histories behind exhibited artifacts.
2001 2005: Various in-house trainings and seminars on curatorship, antique recognition,
museum management
2003 2995: MBA, Boston University
1991 1995: Bachelor of Science in Archeology, UCLA
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Museum Curator Resume Template