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Musical Theatre Resume Template
Musical Theatre Resume Template
John E. Doe
! 123.456.7890! 6’2”/185
!! Tenor
Les Miserables! Marius! City Theatre Company
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. George Washington
West Side Story! Tony! City Theatre Company
!!Dir. John Adams
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Brick! City Theatre Company
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Tom Jefferson
King Lear! Edmund! Such and Such University
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Jim Madison
Carousel! Billy Bigelow! Such and Such University
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Jim Munroe
The Count of Monte Cristo! Edmond Dontes! Such and Such University
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Andrew Jackson
Into the Woods! Rapunzel’s Prince! Such and Such University
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Marty Van Buren
...Charlie Brown! Snoopy! Shoestring Productions
Rock Horror Picture Show! Riff Raff! Artist Theatre Association
A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Oberon! Artist Theatre Association
Four Rooms! Bell Hop (Lead)! Lion’s Gate Films
!!!!!!!!!!Dir. Bill Harrison
Such and Such University, BFA Musical Theatre
John Tyler, Jim Polk, Zach Taylor
Artist Theatre Association Summer Intensive ’09
Mil Filmore, Frank Pierce, Jim Buchanan
Special Skills:
Juggling, Snowboarding, Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Spanish, Driver’s License, Passport
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Musical Theatre Resume Template