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Nanny Employment Contract
Nanny Employment Contract
Nanny Employment Contract
Date of Employment: _______________
Name of Employee (Nanny): ______________________
Address: _____________________________
Contact Details: (h) __________ (m) _____________ (e) ______________
Name of Employer(s) (Parent):
Contact Details: (h) __________ (m) _____________ (e) ______________
Number of children to be cared for:____
Names of children: ________________________________________________________
Salary & Benefits
Pay: $______ pay per
The overtime rate that will apply is $_____
Remember also to deduct income tax and make tax payments directly to the ATO.
Hours of Work
The expected hours of work are from ______ am/pm to ______am/pm from __________ to
Public holidays
Agree on Public holiday entitlements. If the nanny is expected to work on public holiday’s
agree on the rate of pay or whether this will be taken as time off in lieu
e.g. Public holidays
are standard or if required to work time off in lieu will be granted.
Leave Entitlements
Annual leave entitlement is ___ days. Sick leave entitlement is ___days.
Nanny will also give employer ____ days notice for personal leave days required and will call
by ____ am/pm to advise of sickness.
Determine the Annual leave entitlement – all full time employees are entitled to a minimum
of 20 days annual leave or pro-rata for the hours/days worked. Part time employees receive
the same entitlement on a pro-rata basis. The standard sick leave entitlement is 8 days sick
leave per year or pro-rata for the hours/days worked. Set a notification period if the nanny
is sick so that emergency care arrangements can be made.
Duties / Parenting Philosophy
List specifics of the nannies responsibilities. For example the child’s routine, nap time,
feeding times, reading times, gymbaroo classes, swimming classes, park visits,
mothers/nanny group.
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Nanny Employment Contract