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Nasa Work Instruction Template
Verification &
Validation Program
[WI name]
[IVV ##-#-#]
Version: [Basic-ZZ]
Effective Date:
[Month DD, YYYY]
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need not be defined in each WI. A disclaimer will be added to direct WI users to
the Quality Manual for common term and role definitions.}
Official NASA IV&V roles and terms are defined in the Quality Manual.
Specialized definitions identified in this WI are defined below.
3.1 [role or term]
3.2 Acronyms
{This is a list of acronyms used within the WI. The “Acronyms” subsection
should be the last item in the “Definitions and Acronyms” section. All
acronyms shall be defined, excluding “IV&V” and “NASA, and shall be
[acronym] [definition of acronym]
IMS NASA IV&V Management System
NODIS NASA Online Directives Information System
NPR NASA Procedural Requirements
QM Quality Manual
WI Work Instruction
4.0 Process Flow Diagram
{A process flow diagram is a high-level depiction of the processes described in
this WI. The process flow diagram is to be constructed in the “swim lane” format,
and is to graphically represent the responsibilities and actions that shall be
performed by process participants. The WI and process flow diagram are to be
written such that the main objectives of the process are captured and the “how-
to” details are minimized. Please consult the DCC if questions arise concerning
the level of detail that should be used in the WI or process flow diagram.
All WIs shall contain the following text in this section:}
The following diagram depicts processes described in this document, and the
responsibilities and actions that shall be performed by process participants. Any
information supplemental to the depicted process will appear after the diagram.
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