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Nature Journal Word Template
Nature Journal Word Template
Advanced Environmental Science – Nature Journals and Hikes
The nature journal, a composition notebook, is for use on hikes, activities, and field trips conducted during class
and for the hike you do on your own each marking period. The journal should be brought to class every day and on
every field trip.
If you miss an in-class hike/activity and do not have that entry in your journal, it will count off
a large percentage of your natural journal grade. If your absence is excused, tape your excused slip on the
date of the hike/activity/trip you missed and get the information from someone else for credit. If the absence is
unexcused, get the information from someone else because you may see it again on a test but you may not get credit
for the hike/activity/trip unless you make it up on your own time and videotape it.
The entry for each hike/activity/trip (in class or on your own) must have the date, location, and
information that you learned. All hikes/activities/trips will have specific criteria given prior to departure. A
labeled picture will need to be included from each excursion. If you do not have a camera (which is fine), please
draw pictures of something on each hike. Each in class activity/hike/trip included in your notebook will
be worth 20 points.
The hike on your own each marking period can be a walk, bike ride, horse ride, etc. you take in nature outside of
class. You may do this with other students in or out of this class, family members, your pets, etc. Once you have
done the hike or during the hike, in your nature journal, describe everything you did and
everything you saw on your nature journey (at least one page hand written). If you have a
camera, take pictures and include them with your hike. If not, you need to draw a picture. (the
picture is worth 25 points of the grade) If you do not know the names of plants, rocks, or animals you see, just
describe them and describe the place where you saw them. If you are interested in identifying the species or rocks,
bring in your information and pictures if you have them and we can use identification books to find the name of the
species. If you want to borrow an ID book to take with you on your hike, you can sign one out from me the day
prior to your hike. You will be held accountable for the ID book and will be charged the price of the book if it is
not returned. The hike on your own will be worth 50 points each six weeks.
I will take up nature journals towards the end of each marking period on the following dates: October 7 and
December 12. Dates may change with snow days. Be sure to have your hike on your own completed before
these dates!
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Nature Journal Word Template