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Ndt Inspector Resume Template
Ndt Inspector Resume Template
NDT Inspector Resume Template
Heath Johnson
Greenfield, Los Angeles
California, 89765
Phone: (676) 990-09823
Email: Heether@ymail.com
Career Objective: Responsible and detail-oriented employee seeking for a position as NDT
Inspector in a company
Summary of Qualifications
Very reliable in the implementation of standards and specifications of the company on the
inspection of products
Keen in observing and recording status of products especially products of the computer
Patient in accomplishing tasks and can build a strong professional relationship with the
Quality Assurance officers
Honest in delivering results of inspections
Can work in graveyard shifts
Career Experience/Job History
2007- 2010: NDT Inspector, Nokia Incorporated
Ensured the correct implementation of product quality of the company
Identified deficiencies and made efficient reports to the quality assurance teams
Made accurate reports of the deficiencies and created files with numerical statistics
Gave suggestions for the improvement of equipment for better production and assembly of
the products
Made regular inspections in different shifts
2004 2007: Factory worker, Sansan Technologies
Involved in the creation of computer parts specifically computer hard drives
Installed microchips in computer hard drive items
Consistently finished the quota deliverables for a month
Gave reports to the management whenever there are technical malfunctions in the facilities
used for the assembly
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Ndt Inspector Resume Template