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New Employee Supervisor Checklist Template
New Employee Supervisor Checklist Template
Revised 04/07/06
Supervisor Checklist
Getting a New Employee Off to a Good Start
Prior to the employee’s arrival:
Have their workspace ready: desk, chair, computer, phone, phone book, and supplies.
Order any keys or door codes.
Determine which systems the new employee will need access to, including, but not limited to:
BANNER, Patriot Web, and Corporate Time.
Set up computer access and their email account. (MESA login, access to shared drives if needed, etc.).
Add the employee to the online phone directory. (
Designate a mentor to answer questions, give support, and check in with the new employee during the
learning/transitional period to make sure they have everything they need.
When the new employee arrives:
Show employee around office/building and (restroom, fax machine, mail box, etc.).
Introduce the new employee to the rest of the office staff. Be sure to identify key personnel, such as who
to go to when they need office supplies, etc.
Confirm that the employee is scheduled to attend orientation and knows the time and location (as
specified in the offer letter). Provide directions if necessary.
Review office procedures, standards and schedules, lunch break, computer security, and other office
Ensure that the new employee has visited the New Employee Welcome Center (NEW) on or before their
first day of work to complete important new hire paperwork, including: an I-9, state and federal tax
forms, and direct deposit information. New employees will also receive a Mason photo ID and a
temporary parking pass (upon completion of the payroll deduction form for parking).
Review electronic time sheet procedures. (
Set up phone and show employee how the features work. (
Provide a list of the employee’s key contacts, and if needed, schedule meetings with them.
Provide a list of important web links and list serves related to the employee’s job. (e.g. Mason
homepage, HR website, Patriot web, motor pool, Banner)
Schedule training on key tasks, use of equipment, etc, including eVA, BANNER, eWork, etc.
Assign a mentor for the new employee to ask questions as needed and provide friendly check-ins.
Within two weeks:
Provide the employee with a position description and review work tasks and duties with them.
Follow-up with the employee regarding work environment, equipment, and training needs.
Be sure to check in regularly with the employee. (e.g. “How are you doing”)
Remind the employee to submit any benefit forms that s/he did not complete at orientation.
Encourage the employee to personalize their workspace so they feel comfortable. Set expectations for
appropriate decorations as needed.
Order business cards and/or a name plate if appropriate.
Schedule the employee for Mason 101 through University Information.
Let your employee know of other training opportunities, for example, how to find new HR/Payroll
training, Fiscal Services offerings, special events at Mason, E-Files, etc.
Direct the employee to the surplus office if additional office furniture is needed or desired.
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New Employee Supervisor Checklist Template