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Newborn Checklist 2 Page 3
Newborn Checklist 2
Newborn Baby Checklist
Category Item Retailer 1 Retailer 2 Retailer 3 Retailer 4 Status
Nursery Nursing Chair
Accessories Nursing Pillow
Transport Parasol (if not part of pushchair / pram)
Changing Baby Plastic Changing Mat
Changing Baby Plastic Pants
Accessories Play gym ring
Accessories Play mat with toys
Accessories Potty
Transport Pram / Pushchair
Toy Rattle
Accessories Reins (for when they are older)
Accessories Rocker / bouncy / still chair
Accessories Scratch mitts
Clothing Shawl
Nursery Sleeping Bag / Grobag / Slumber Sac
Accessories Sling
Clothing Socks
Feeding Spoons
Safety Stairgate (s)
Feeding Steriliser
Feeding Sterilizer equipment
Transport Sun blinds
Accessories Sun cream (High Factor)
Clothing Sun Hats
Accessories Swim Nappies
Accessories Swing
Feeding Teats
Accessories Teething Aid (for UK Bonjela)
Feeding Teething toys
Bath time Thermometer Bath
Accessories Thermometer Room
Bath time Toothbrush
Bath time Top 'n' Tail bowl
Nursery Toy chest / basket
Nursery Travel Cot
Clothing Unisex babygrows
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