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Non Compete Agreement Of Contractor
Non Compete Agreement Of Contractor
SELECT MASSAGE, INC. DATE:______/_____/______
2452 Pine Chase Circle
St. Cloud, FL 34769
Ph: 407-738-9816 Fax: 800-580-7167
The following constitutes the agreement between Select Massage Inc. (the "COMPANY") and
_____________________________, the undersigned Independent Contractor ("CONTRACTOR").
1. Definition: CONTRACTOR is responsible for own taxes through a 1099 tax form at the end of every
filing year; as well as your own health benefits, medical expenses, life insurance, and retirement fund.
CONTRACTOR also acknowledges that CONTRACTOR will always abide, until your very last day of
working with this company, by all of the company policies and guidelines delineated hereinafter.
CONTRACTOR is absolutely responsible for your own massage equipment (table/chair), oil/creams and all
other supplies as well as own transportation, performance, behavior, attitude, appearance and integrity.
2. Agency: It is understood that you are an Independent Contractor and shall not be considered our agent
for any purposes whatsoever, and CONTRACTOR is not granted any right or authority to assume or create
any obligation or liability, expressed or implied, on behalf of the COMPANY or to bind the COMPANY in
any manner or thing whatsoever.
3. Non-Competition: An Independent Contractor who resigns or is terminated shall not directly or
indirectly engage in any business or activity which competes with the business of the COMPANY for a
period of twenty-four months within a 40 mile radius of any contracted sites that the COMPANY holds
following the resignation date or termination date. This includes but not limited to the exclusive locations
contracted and non contracted and each locations individual clients.
4. No Solicitation: [For Clarification Purposes: The Following Paragraph Refers To All Clientele
Generated Through Select Massage (COMPANY). This Does Not Exclude You (CONTRACTOR)
From Working Anywhere, With Anyone And/Or Even Your Own Clients As Long As These
Practices Do Not Violate The Following Contractual Clause.] CONTRACTOR will never solicit (while
this Independent Contractor Agreement is in effect or at any other time following the termination of this
Agreement with the COMPANY) a client(s), their referrals or contacts; or allow himself/herself to be put in
an opportunistic situation in which the COMPANY could lose the client (s) or their potential business; or
even their referrals. CONTRACTOR hereby acknowledges this policy applies not just for himself/herself,
but for anyone whom CONTRACTOR may associate with, inside or outside the COMPANY. There will
never be any favors exchanged between CONTRACTOR and a client, for personal gain or profit; there will
always be a "professional distance" between CONTRACTOR and the COMPANY’s clientele.
CONTRACTOR hereby fully and clearly recognizes the clientele and their referrals or contacts, as being
the sole property of the COMPANY. Furthermore, should CONTRACTOR ever violate this policy, the
COMPANY is absolutely entitled to any and all factual financial loss and/or projected financial loss or
damages. Furthermore, CONTRACTOR hereby acknowledges the consequences of legal prosecution (i.e.,
Lawsuit, etc.) and agrees to be responsible for any legal costs that may be incurred as a result of
CONTRACTOR’s breach of this Agreement.
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Non Compete Agreement Of Contractor