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18. Criminal Litigation: CONTRACTOR certifies to never having been accused of, arrested for or charged
with any sexual violations or criminal complaints. CONTRACTOR further certifies that he/she is subject to
no pending claims or suits against CONTRACTOR regarding his/her massage therapy activity or
professional demeanor associated therewith.
19. Advertising and Marketing: At its discretion the COMPANY will conduct marketing research, mailings
and telemarketing throughout the United States for the purpose of developing private and corporate
20. Business Services: The COMPANY will provide CONTRACTOR with the following services:
a) Administrative Services: The COMPANY will conduct record keeping, filing, record updating, and
scheduling on behalf of the CONTRACTOR.
b) Accounting Services: The COMPANY will conduct billing and bookkeeping, maintain accounts payable
and accounts receivable, and provide CONTRACTOR with 1099 tax forms.
c) Technical Services: The COMPANY will maintain its state of the art computer systems.
d) Sales: The COMPANY at its discretion shall maintain a staff of sales personnel responsible for
developing and maintaining client accounts.
21. Client Accounts: The COMPANY will provide the CONTRACTOR with work from per-established
membership accounts who have been screened for safety.
22. National Liability: Whenever possible, the COMPANY will provide the services listed in paragraphs
"19" through "21" of this agreement to the CONTRACTOR wherever the CONTRACTOR might find
himself/herself in the United States.
23. Any adjustment to this contract must be agreed upon in writing by both parties, Amendments may be
attached here
Amendment: ___________________________________________
Please indicate your agreement to the foregoing terms by signing below.
Independent Contractor -
____________________________ (please print name)
Independent Contractor -
____________________________ (signature)
Date: _________/________ /_________
Company Representative -
____________________________ (please print name)
Company Representative -
____________________________ (signature)
Date: _________/________ /_________
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