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Notice Letter Sample Template
Notice Letter Sample Template
Name and Address of person who has resigned.
Dear (name - Mr. Smith, or first name if appropriate)
Your resignation from the position of (job title and site/department/division as
applicable), effective from (date of effective resignation which should be confirmed
with HR department or equivalent), is accepted.
According to your contract of employment you will work until (date that employment
ceases according to notice period, calculated from stated effective date of
resignation - and agreed with HR department or equivalent).
(Optional :) While working your period of notice you will obviously continue to be
subject to your conditions of employment, and I would be grateful for you to maintain
your normal high level of commitment to your job up to the time you leave.
(Insert specific instructions relating to leaving procedures, eg. return of equipment,
company car, completion of expenses, final pay details, etc.)
(Insert details of exit interview date, time, venue and interviewer, if applicable.)
(Optional, and generally recommended unless there are disciplinary implications :) I
thank you for your efforts and contribution during your time with us, and I wish you all
the best for the future.
(Also optional :) I am happy to provide a reference if required.
Yours sincerely etc.
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Notice Letter Sample Template