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(2) The “Lease Term” shall mean a period of ___________ months commencing on the
later to occur of (a) _____________________(the “Target Commencement Date”) and
(b) the date upon which Landlord’s Work in the Premises has been substantially
completed as such date is determined pursuant to Section 3.A. hereof (the later to occur
of such dates being defined as the “Commencement Date). The “Termination Date
shall, unless sooner terminated as provided herein, mean the last day of the Lease Term.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the Termination Date, as determined herein, does not
occur on the last day of a calendar month, the Lease Term shall be extended by the
number of days necessary to cause the Termination Date to occur on the last day of the
last calendar month of the Lease Term. Tenant shall pay Base Rent and Additional Rent
for such additional days at the same rate payable for the portion of the last calendar
month immediately preceding such extension. The Commencement Date, Lease Term
(including any extension by Landlord pursuant to this subsection I.F.(2)) and Termination
Date shall be set forth in a Commencement Letter prepared by Landlord and executed by
Tenant in accordance with the provisions of Section 3.A. hereof.
G. "Premises" shall mean the office space located within the Building and outlined on Exhibit A to
this Lease.
H. "Approximate Rentable Area in the Premises” shall mean the area contained within the
demising walls of the Premises and any other area designated for the exclusive use of Tenant plus an
allocation of the Tenant's pro rata share of the square footage of the "Common Areas" and the
"Service Areas" (as defined below). For purposes of the Lease it is agreed and stipulated by both
Landlord and Tenant that the Approximate Rentable Area in the Premises is _____ square feet.
I. The “Approximate Rentable Area in the Building” is _______ square feet. The Approximate
Rentable Area in the Premises and the Approximate Rentable Area in the Building as set forth herein
may be revised at Landlord's election if Landlord's architect determines such estimate to be inaccurate
in any material degree after examination of the final drawings of the Premises and the Building.
J. “Tenant’s Pro Rata Share” shall mean ____%, which is the quotient (expressed as a percentage),
derived by dividing the Approximate Rentable Area in the Premises by the Approximate Rentable
Area in the Building.
K. “Permitted Use shall mean _______________________use and no other use or purpose.
L. “Base Year” shall mean ____.
M. “Guarantor(s)” shall mean _______________________________________________________
and any other party that agrees in writing to guarantee Tenant’s obligations under the Lease.
N. “Broker” shall mean ______________________.
O. “Building Manager” shall mean __________________________________or such other
company as Landlord shall designate from time to time.
P. "Building Standard" shall mean the type, brand, quality and/or quantity of materials Landlord
designates from time-to-time to be the minimum quality and/or quantity to be used in the Building or
the exclusive type, grade, quality and/or quantity of material to be used in the Building.
Q. "Business Day(s)" shall mean Mondays through Fridays exclusive of the normal business
holidays of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and
Christmas Day (“Holidays”). Landlord, from time to time during the Lease Term, shall have the
right to designate additional Holidays, provided such additional Holidays are commonly recognized
by other office buildings in the area where the Building is located.
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