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Office Lease Agreement
Payments of Rent only shall be made payable to the order of:
at the following address:
or such other name and address as Landlord shall, from time to time, designate.
2. Lease
Grant. Subject to and upon the terms herein set forth, Landlord leases to Tenant and Tenant
leases from Landlord the Premises together with the right, in common with others, to use the Common
3. Adjustment
of Commencement Date/Possession.
A. If the Lease Term, Commencement Date and Termination Date are to be determined in
accordance with Section I.F.2. above, the Lease Term shall not commence until the later to occur of
the Target Commencement Date and the date that Landlord has substantially completed the work to
be performed by Landlord as set forth in the Work Letter Agreement attached hereto as Exhibit D
(“Landlord’s Work”); provided, however, that if Landlord shall be delayed in substantially
completing the Landlord Work as a result of the occurrence of any of the following (a “Delay”):
(1) Tenant’s failure to furnish information in accordance with the Work Letter Agreement or
to respond to any request by Landlord for any approval of information within any time
period prescribed, or if no time period is prescribed, then within two (2) Business Days of
such request; or
(2) Tenant’s insistence on materials, finishes or installations that have long lead times after
having first been informed by Landlord that such materials, finishes or installations will
cause a Delay; or
(3) Changes in any plans and specifications requested by Tenant; or
(4) The performance or nonperformance by a person or entity employed by on or behalf of
Tenant in the completion of any work in the Premises (all such work and such persons or
entities being subject to prior approval of Landlord); or
(5) Any request by Tenant that Landlord delay the completion of any of the Landlord’s
Work; or
(6) Any breach or default by Tenant in the performance of Tenant’s obligations under this
Lease; or
(7) Any delay resulting from Tenant’s having taken possession of the Premises for any
reason prior to substantial completion of the Landlord’s Work; or
(8) Any other delay chargeable to Tenant, its agents, employees or independent contractors;
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Office Lease Agreement