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Office Para Educator Resume
Office Para Educator Resume
Under the supervision of an administrator and general direction of a classroom teacher, assists the teacher in the
education of students including management of student behavior; recordkeeping; instructional assistance;
classroom safety, security and organization; and interaction and communication with students, support staff,
parents/guardians, and agencies.
Para-Educators work in special education programs with a variety of students who are in need of academic
assistance and have learning, communication, and behavioral or emotional disabilities.
Appropriate Administrator
(Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed
examples include all tasks which may be found in positions within this classification.)
Student Safety and Behavior Management
Assists the teacher by observing and supervising classroom activities during the course of the instructional day to
maintain a controlled and safe environment for students and staff including monitoring students during bathroom
breaks, lunch time, and field trips; supervises students during yard duty to ensure rules are followed and activities
are appropriate; assists students to correct buses and receives reports on behaviors or problems that occur during
transportation before or after school; observes student behavior and maintains awareness of students’
activities/actions including assessing gang affiliations to anticipate potential problems; communicates rules,
expectations and consequences to the students; implements consequences for inappropriate behavior;
communicates and implements student discipline plan; enforces dress code as needed; evaluates students’ needs
and provides interventions to redirect behavior; assesses crisis situations and intervenes to defuse situations using
conflict resolution, crisis intervention, restraints, or assisting staff as appropriate; maintains constant alertness to
changing environment and documents any occurrences that could lead to crisis situations; provides feedback to
develop positive self-esteem of students; maintains awareness of fire drill procedures, earthquake preparation and
emergency contingency plan; attends trainings regarding safety/security and behavior management as requested.
Classroom/Academic Support
After initial instruction by teacher, provides one-on-one and group instruction in academic or career technical areas;
assists in physical education instruction; assists students with self-help, gross motor and social skills; assists
students in extra-curricular activities; assists students in peer and cross-age tutoring; supervises students in class
setting as directed by teacher or other staff; administers and corrects student tests; assists students in using
computers; assists students with integration into regular classrooms; accompanies and supervises students during
field trips; models appropriate behavior for students; maintains site morale; adapts materials and equipment to meet
specific needs and learning styles of the student; evaluates student progress on work assignments and shares with
teacher; assists the teacher in the physical setup and cleanup of the classroom for group instruction, projects, and
activities; provides teacher with input for student programming; cleans classroom equipment, writing boards, and
desks, and maintains equipment in working order; prepares bulletin boards, and assists the teacher with daily and
weekly lesson/work plans and follow-through; operates standard office and classroom equipment; provides first
aid/cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) as needed when properly certified; maintains awareness of physical and
emotional changes in students and reports concerns to teacher or child protection services if appropriate; ensures
personal and student safety pursuant to established procedures when working with students who may have
infectious diseases; attends in-services and staff meetings as required.
Record Keeping
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Office Para Educator Resume