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1013 Briarwood St.
Bronx, NY 11776
Tel: 917-348-9661
New York, NY
Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Master of Business Administration, May 2015
Specializations in Marketing, Consulting, and Entertainment, Media, & Technology
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Science, Psychology, May 2006
Bachelor of Arts, Japanese
Minor in Business Administration
Presidential Scholar, High Honors Recipient
South San Francisco, CA
Project Coordinator & Consultant
Coordinated teamwork across multiple, cross-functional teams at a high level and collaborated with a
multitude of individuals across the organization
Managed project timeline and kept all relevant teams accountable and updated by scheduling and running
weekly status meetings
Organized and managed completion of daily migration tasks to facilitate the change management process
in fast-paced environment
Analyzed and presented on project success and shortcomings regularly to senior leadership
Identified existing gaps with the current training approach and knowledge base, suggested solutions to the
leadership and implemented them to improve efforts, leading to an increase overall customer satisfaction
Guided project’s direction by analyzing past survey data, digesting trends, and summarizing into
actionable next steps
Mountain View, CA
Associate Business Marketing Manager
Designed and initiated educational and engaging multi-channel marketing campaigns to reach our target
consumer segments while driving customer satisfaction and account strength; returned up to 30x ROI
Created sales materials and solutions designed to sell to Forbes 500 clients
Developed and implemented new marketing and communication programs to educate and engage the
advertiser community both online and off-line and ensure longer and more profitable relationships
Analyzed and reported on ROI for entire marketing group to higher management
Drove customer-centric improvements and innovations to existing Google products by building and
managing strong relationships with Product teams and Sales teams
Account Strategist
Mountain View, CA
Founded and developed the AdWords cross-sell program from scratch, creating a framework for sales
team to successfully cross-sell top clients on Google products, leading to over 2500 new product users
Built and led cross-functional group to improve cross-selling programs internationally across the company
Directed trainings for over 300 sales people on how to cross-sell advertisers new products
Partnered with and provided close consultation to a wide variety of clients to solve their needs with our
Designed and created new internal knowledge base to educate sales teams; received over 100 hits per day
Motivated hundreds of sales people by consistently creating new incentives and rewards for success
Serviced hundreds of advertisers by providing high quality customer service
Basic knowledge of Japanese
Proficient in market research portals such as Jupiter, LexisNexis, AdRelevance
Interests include: Soccer, travelling (20 countries visited), racquetball, and technology
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