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Operating Agreement Template
Operating Agreement
for __________________________________ an Indiana Limited Liability Company
This Operating Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into on or as of ___________________
by and among the Members listed on Exhibit A attached to this Agreement.
A. On _______________, Articles of Organization for __________________________ LLC
(the “Company”), a limited liability company under the laws of the State of Indiana, were
filed with the Indiana Secretary of State.
B. The Members hereby adopt and approve this operating agreement for the Company on
the following terms and conditions:
Article I
Organizational Matters
1.1. Name. The Company shall conduct business under the name “___________________
LLC.” If the majority of Members approve, the Company may also conduct business under
a fictitious name filed with the county clerk of the county where the Company has its
principal office.
1.2 Term. The company’s beginning date is the date that the Articles of Organization were
filed. The Company shall automatically terminate at the earlier of twenty-five (25) years or
as provided in Article 9.1 of this Agreement. The Members may unanimously to continue
the Company as provided in Article 9.
1.3 Office and Agent. The Company shall continuously maintain an office and a registered
agent within the State of Indiana. The principal office of the company shall be at
__________________________ or such location as the Members may determine. As
required, the Company shall file a Statement of Information with the Indiana Secretary of
State stating its registered agent for service of process.
1.4 Business of the company. The Company shall engage in the following business, and any
activities necessary or appropriate to carry out that business, unless all the Members approve
a change in the Company’s business: __________________________________________
Article 2
Capital Contributions
2.1 Capital Contributions. Each Member shall contribute capital to the Company in the
amount shown on Exhibit A of this Agreement. No Member shall be required or permitted
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Operating Agreement Template