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The Chairman then presented a proposed form of Bylaws approved by the (State) Youth
Soccer Association. The proposed bylaws were read to the meeting, considered and upon motion
duly made, seconded and carried, were adopted as and for the Bylaws of the corporation and
ordered appended to the minutes of this meeting, or in lieu thereof, placed in a separate section of
the corporation's minute book.
The Chairman then called for the election of officers of the corporation. The following
persons were nominated to the office preceding their name:
Vice President:
No further nominations being made, the nominations were closed and the directors
proceeded to vote on the nominees. The Chairman announced that the foregoing nominees were
elected to the offices set before their respective names.
The directors then discussed the future business of the corporation.
Whereupon the following motions were made, seconded and unanimously carried:
RESOLVED, that the actions and conduct of the incorporators are hereby ratified
and hereby affirmed; and further,
RESOLVED, that the President of the corporation is authorized to retain such
persons as may be required to file Form 1023 with the Internal Revenue Service and seek
Recognition of the corporation as a Not for Profit entity for tax purposes, to apply for an
Employer Identification Number with the IRS, and to complete such other forms as are
necessary to comply with any governmental regulations applying to the business of the
corporation; and further,
RESOLVED, that the corporate record book, be and hereby is adopted as the record
book; and further,
RESOLVED, that the Treasurer of the corporation be and hereby is authorized to
pay all charges and expenses incident to or arising out of the organization of the corporation
and reimburse any person who has made any disbursement therefore; and further,
RESOLVED, that an office of the corporation be established and maintained
at_______________________________________________________________in the City of
_____________________________________________, State of ______, and that the President
be authorized and directed to secure the transfer of any lease or to obtain on such terms as he
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Oranizational Meeting Minutes