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can negotiate the property, either by lease or purchase, which ever is more advantageous to
the corporation, all he as he deems best; and further,
RESOLVED, that the Treasurer be and hereby is authorized to open a bank account
in behalf of the corporation with_____________________________________ located at
______________________________________________________________________ and a
resolution for that purpose on the printed form of said bank was adopted and was ordered
appended to the minutes of this meeting; and further,
RESOLVED, that the Rules of Play attached to these minutes are adopted for use by
the corporation;
RESOLVED, that the following Standing Committees are formed with the following
people named as Chairman and Members, each to perform the duties assigned to the
Disciplinary and Appeals Committee Chairman ____________; Members
______________________________, __________________________, and
___________________; to hear all appeals and grievances filed by members of the
Rules Committee - Chairman ____________; Members
______________________________, __________________________, and
___________________; to advise the Board of the modification and adoption of Rules of Play
and to keep informed on Rules changes of (State Youth Soccer Association), USYSA and
Risk Management Committee - Chairman ____________; Members
______________________________, __________________________, and
___________________; to implement the “Kids Safe Programand work with (State Youth
Soccer Association) in the area of Risk Management.
Coaching Education Committee - Chairman ____________; Members
______________________________, __________________________, and
___________________; to develop in house coaching clinics for coaches affiliated with the
corporation and any league it may operate and to coordinate with the (State Youth Soccer
Association) Director of Coaching on holding coaching license clinics and other education
RESOLVED, that the following are appointed to the following positions, to serve at
the pleasure of the Board, and authorized to begin full filling the duties inherent in such a
position upon being certified for such position by (State Youth Soccer Association), if
Registrar: ______________________________
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Oranizational Meeting Minutes