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Packing Checklist 4
The Ultimate Traveler’s Checklist
Included in the Pack It Up Book & DVD
Zip-top Plastic Bags
Dry Cleaner Bags
Compression Bags
Flashlight, Extra Batteries
Travel Alarm
Spare Glasses, Contacts
Address Book, Labels
Photos From Home
Flip Flops, Thongs
Expandable Tote Bag
Personal Care Items
Hanging Toiletry Kit
Personal Hygiene Items
Nail Clippers
Pain Reliever, Antacids
Insect Repellant
Sunscreen, Lip Balm
First Aid Kit, Band-Aids
Motion Sickness Remedy
Perfume Atomizer
Laundry Kit, Travel Soap
Microfiber Travel Towel
Walking Shoes
Sandals, Thongs
Dress Shoes
Socks & Hosiery
Belts & Accessories
Skirts, Dress
Casual Pants & Shorts
T-Shirts (short & long sleeve)
Sport Coat & Dress Pants
Suit & Dress Shirts
Neck Tie, Silk Scarf
Swim Wear, Sarong
Sleep Wear
Athletic Wear, Runners
Rain Coat with Hood
Gloves, Hat, Scarf
Safety & Security
Security Wallet
(passport, credit cards, cash,
airline tickets, atm card, etc.)
Photocopies of all
Photos of travel companions
TSA Luggage Locks
Whistle, Compass
…and in your Carry-On Bag
Anything Valuable
Purse, Wallet, Coin Purse
Camera, Film, Batteries
Healthy Snack & Water
Neck Pillow, Eye Shades &
Ear Plugs
Toothbrush, Toothpaste
Change of clothes
Glasses, Sunglasses
Make-up, Moisturizer
iPod, CD Player, CD’s
Reading Material
For Work
Laptop Computer, Battery,
Cell Phone, PDA, etc.
Converters, Adapters
Extension Cord, Calculator
Rubber Bands, Paper Clips
Business Cards
Highlighter Pen, Marker
Easy To Pack Gifts
Playing Cards, Dice
Frisbee, Bubbles, Games
Bandana, Hat, Scarf
Inflatable Beach Ball
Packable Gifts Bags, Cards
If You Still Have Room
Travel Umbrella
Currency Converter
Sewing Repair Kit
Eye-glass repair kit
Duct Tape
Hair Dryer, Slippers
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Up” The Essential Guide to Organized Travel by Anne McAlpin
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