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Packing Checklist 5
Packing Checklist 5
Holiday packing list
Hand luggage *
Travel documents Valuables
Entertainment and comfort
Visa (if necessary)
Plane tickets
Travel insurance documents
EHIC card
Any other holiday documentation
– for example for your hotel, hire
car, transfers or your itinerary
Driving licence
Student card/senior concession
card – for discounts on holiday
Travel money/overseas credit card /
prepaid card
Valuables such as iPad, iPod, mobile
phone and camera (plus
headphones and a memory card)
A lightweight jumper and
socks – in case it gets chilly on
the plane
Books, magazines or games
for your journey
A guidebook to your
Lip balm
A sleep kit for long flights – an
eye mask, a travel pillow and
ear plugs
An umbrella
DVT flight socks
Travel sweets
A bottle of water (buy this
once you have passed through
Any maps, directions or instructions
for arrival in resort
Useful contact numbers – for your
bank, travel insurance provider,
contacts at home, etc
An umbrella
A clear plastic bag for any toiletries
Any medicine you need (plus your
prescription) – but remember, you
have to stick to the 100ml rule
Tissues / wet wipes
A notebook and pen
Before packing your bags remember to
check your luggage allowance, even if you’ve
travelled recently. Allowances vary between
airlines and going over them can leave you
with a hefty fine.
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Packing Checklist 5