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8/91 -- 8/94 Associate Professor. Department of Special Education, South Carolina
State University, School of Education, Orangeburg, South Carolina. Courses
Taught: Introduction to Learning Disabilities, Emotional Disturbance, and
Mental Retardation; Diagnostic-Prescriptive Teaching (graduate and
undergraduate levels); Behavior Management. Administrative: Director of the
Job Concerns Project, a Federally-funded grant ($186,000) to investigate
burnout and other on-the-job problems in staff of residential and
community programs for the disabled.
6/89 -- 6/91 Assistant Director. Southbury Training School, Resource Services, P.O.
Box 872, Southbury, CT. Administrated the following units: Staff Training and
Development, Volunteer Services, Information Services, Case Management,
Infection Control, and Medical Records. $68,000,000 budget.
9/88 -- 6/89 Systems Support Technician. Validata Computers, Triangle Street,
Amherst, MA. Telephone technical support, director of instruction for
commercial classes, electronic component-level repair; a valuable
apprenticeship in the world of computers.
7/83 -- 8/88 Associate Professor. Appalachian State University, Department of
Language, Reading, and Exceptionalities, Boone, NC 28608. Tenure Position.
9/81 6/83 Educational Consultant. Seaside Education Associates, Lincoln Center,
5/80 -- 8/80 Director. University of Connecticut, Preschool Teacher Training Program,
Title XX.
9/79 -- 8/81 Graduate Assistant. University of Connecticut, Department of Special
8/78 -- 8/79 Visiting Instructor. Arizona State University, Department of Special
Education, Tempe, AZ.
8/76 -- /6/78 Demonstration Classroom Teacher. Utah State University, Exceptional
Child Center, Logan, Utah.
8/75 -- 8/76 Graduate Training Fellow. The University of Oregon, Center at Oregon
for Research in the Behavioral Education of the Handicapped (CORBEH).
8/74 -- 5/75 Developmental Day Care Specialist. Residential Teacher, Department of
Education, Walter E. Fernald State School, Waltham, MA.
Summers, 1972 Mental Health Assistant. Basic Skills Training Unit, Green Blind Unit,
1973, 1974 Walter E. Fernald State School, Waltham, MA.
Public School Teacher. Everett Public Schools, taught severely handicapped children
1972-73, 1973-74 based at the Basic Skills Training Unit, Greene Blind Unit, W.E.F.S.S.
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