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Partner Agreement Example
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) describes the responsibilities and expectations
between Partners for Community (PfC), Lead Organization, and New England Farm Workers
Council (NEFWC), Community Organization Partner, for the use of funds received through the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Compassion Capital Fund (CCF)
Communities Empowering Youth (CEY) Program for the YOUTH NEEDS CAPACITY
BUILDING PARTNERSHIP. The purpose of this partnership is to build our capacity to address
youth violence issues in our community.
PfC is partnering with NEFWC to carry-out the CEY program. The Partnership contains three
components: (1) community needs assessments; (2) training and technical assistance provided
by PfC to NEFWC for the purpose of capacity building to meet the needs of youth who are at-
risk of being involved with gang activity, youth violence, and/or domestic abuse and neglect; and
(3) financial assistance provided by PfC to NEFWC to implement capacity building activities.
For the CEY program, PARTNERS FOR COMMUNITY serves as the “lead” organization.
As the lead organization, Partners for Community is responsible for the following:
Ensuring that the program activities and finances of the Partnership are in compliance
with CEY requirements and Federal regulations;
Providing direct technical assistance and training services to NEFWC by PfC staff
professionals, as needed for NEFWC capacity building;
Providing “financial assistance” (CEY grant funds) to NEFWC, to be used by NEFWC to
finance capacity building activities;
At NEFWC’s request, and with regard specifically to the “financial assistance,” acting as
fiscal agent for NEFWC for purposes of contracting technical assistance and training
services or undertaking other procurement actions on behalf of NEFWC;
Serving as the coordinator for the multiple community assessments and evaluation
activities for the Partnership; and
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Partner Agreement Example