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insert who is responsible. Outside of these meetings we will communicate by email.
Explain if there are to be any reports sent between meetings and by whom.
4.5 Decision making
The main partnership group will make decisions. Where possible we will try to achieve a
consensus. If we do vote on any issue the decision will be carried by a majority vote.
4.6 Resolving problems
Where there is a conflict, dispute of difference within the partnership, in the first place we
will try to resolve the matter through senior managers of the parties concerned. If there is
still no resolution then we will involve a third party. This will be another member of the
partnership / the accountable body / the funding body / an independent body.
5. Membership roles and responsibilities
5.1 Range of services
Each partner will deliver the services as set out in Annex B
5.2 Attendance at partnership meetings & sub groups
All partners are expected to attend partnership meetings and where possible send the
same representative each time to ensure continuity. If a partner is unable to attend then the
onus is on them to find out what was discussed and agreed at the meeting.
5.3 Quality standards
The partnership will adopt the following quality standards and all partners are expected to
comply with these
5.4 Sub contracting (if relevant)
State whether or not sub contracting is allowed
5.5 Insurance requirements
Each partner is responsible for maintaining relevant insurance policies including public
liability, employers liability and professional indemnity
5.6 Health and safety
Each partner is responsible for the health and safety of their staff, volunteers and
beneficiaries (where relevant) in accordance with their health and safety policy and should
have suitable risk assessment systems.
5.7 Data protection
All partners should comply with the requirements of the data protection act
5.8 Equal opportunities
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