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Partnership Agreement Template Page 3
All partners must have a written equal opportunities policy that outlines the arrangements
that are in place to ensure staff, volunteers and beneficiaries are treated fairly and
protected from bullying and harassment.
6 Financial arrangements
6.1 Details of funding
Explain how much money the partnership has and where it comes from
6.2 Payments and claims
Explain the process for making claims and payments (if applicable). This could mirror what
the funder expects
6.3 Overpayments
Explain what will happen if too much is paid in error
7 Terminating this agreement
7.1 Giving notice
A member of the partnership may terminate their membership by explain how
7.2 Breach of agreement
If there is a breach of this partnership agreement the lead partner will endeavour to resolve
the matter swiftly and in writing. The partner in breach may have their membership
suspended during this time in which case they will not be able to act on behalf of the
partnership. If the breach cannot be rectified, the member may be asked to leave.
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Partnership Agreement Template