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Annex A
Partnership Guiding Principles
As a partnership we agree individually and collectively to adopt the following guiding
principles which we believe will improve our services.
Openness and transparency
We will adopt the principles of openness and transparency in all aspects of its operation
and communication. This means that we will share information in a timely and accurate
manner; that we will raise issues and problems as soon as possible and work creatively
and constructively to find a resolution and that we will raise questions and queries
promptly and share knowledge and expertise.
Sharing good and best practice
We recognise that each of us has something to give to the partnership and that equally
we have something to get from it. We will share learning through identifying good and
best practice. Each partner will be encouraged to adopt best practice that they see
elsewhere and to share examples widely within the partnership for the benefit of
Commitment to high standards and continuous quality improvement
We are committed to delivering high quality services and will work to ensure continuous
quality improvement of our service provision. This means that we will set and expect high
standards which we will monitor. We will support each other to develop our collective
standards and where appropriate we will set challenging but realistic quality improvement
targets. We will welcome external inspection as an opportunity to verify our internal quality
assurance and quality improvement standards.
Operate sound business practices
We start off from the premise that we are all successful organisations with a need to
generate income and receive fair financial recompense for our contributions. We will work
hard to ensure that partnership resources are distributed fairly and reflect the input that
we each make. We will be efficient in how the partnership operates. For example we will
use technology where we can, we will supplement face to face meetings with on-line
communication and we will keep paperwork and bureaucracy to a minimum.
Commitment to flexibility
As a new partnership we acknowledge that we have much to learn from each other and that
there may be times when things do not go according to plan or to expectation. We will
therefore be flexible in terms of how we operate and be prepared to make changes, often at
short notice. We will also demonstrate our commitment to flexibility in terms of our
relationships with each other and will endeavour to learn about the different constraints
placed on each of our organisations and how these affect how we operate.
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