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Pathologist Resume Format
Pathologist Resume Format
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Marketing Your Experience
A resume is your first opportunity to promote or “sell” your
skills and experience to a potential employer. Most intern-
ships and full-time jobs require you to submit a resume and
cover letter as your application. Think of these application
materials as your chance to market yourself as an excellent fit
for the position.
As a freshman or sophomore, your resume may list a broad
range of experiences. However, as you look for more specific
internships and full-time jobs as a junior and senior, it
becomes increasingly important to tailor your resume to
meet the needs of each employer. Your resume should
highlight the key experiences that best represent the skills
you will need for the desired position.
Choosing a Resume Format
Many kinds of experiences may be listed on a resume,
such as internships, volunteer work, part-time jobs,
leadership positions, co-operative education work, research,
and on-campus activities. Depending on your background
and the type of position for which you are applying, it is
important to consider which experiences and style are most
onological Resume (Samples 1-4)
We recommend that most students start with a chronological
resume. It is the most common resume format. This style
focuses on your education and work or leadership background.
It is written in reverse chronological order, starting with your
most recent experience. Use action verbs to describe your
accomplishments in each position.
Functional or Skills R
esume (Sample 5)
This approach is useful if you are transitioning to a new
field. Based on the desired qualifications listed in the job
description, you create skill sections highlighting your experi-
ences and competencies. Action verbs are used to describe
each accomplishment, which exemplifies a skill relating to
the job qualifications. You then simply list the organizations
where you worked, along with your title and dates, in a sepa-
rate section.
echnical Resume (Samples 6-7)
Students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science
may consider developing a technical resume. The focus is on
the student’s technical skills, coursework, and technical work
experience, such as an internship or co-operative educational
Typically, technically-oriented professionals such as
Engineering Managers, IT Managers, and Research &
Development Managers evaluate students’ resumes to
determine how well they meet the job requirements.
Therefore, it is important for engineering students to be
specific and detailed in conveying their skills and abilities in a
professional format.
Students are encouraged to bring their technical style resumes
to be reviewed at the Engineering Communications Center
in Urbauer Hall, Room 105 (resume reviews by appointment
only - call (314) 935-5463 to set up an appointment).
Medical Sc
hool Resume (Sample 8)
Students applying to medical school should utilize this
Resume Layout
Most resumes include several standard sections. You may
decide to customize your section headings depending on
your background and desired position.
ersonal Contact Information
List your name, address, phone number, and e-mail. You
may include both a local and permanent address. Your
e-mail address should be professional and include your name.
Make sure your voice message for the phone number that
you list is appropriate for employers.
Summary/objective statements are highly recommended
for technical resumes. In most cases, employers hiring for
technical positions do not require a cover letter. The state-
ment serves as an introduction to the resume. Students writ-
ing non-technical resumes are advised not include a summa-
ry/objective statement. Most employers will require a cover
letter that will allow you to introduce yourself.
Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing or have
earned. Include the institution, degree you will earn, your
major(s) and minor(s), month and year of completion, and
Resumes & Cover Letters
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