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Payroll Timesheet Template
Student Timesheet Instructions
General Instructions
The student timesheet should be completed in ink and cut in half along the perforated
line prior to being brought to the Business Office. The timesheet should be handed in
by the immediate due date following the pay period for which you worked.
Timesheets are due in the Business Office by 5:00 pm Friday according to the due
date on the Student Payroll Schedule. Please note: you are not eligible to work unless
you have completed the necessary Form I-9 requirements in the Business Office.
Pay Rate (This is to be completed by your Supervisor)
The pay rate is determined by the Office of Financial Aid Services and Student
Employee Name
Use your full legal name as it appears on your social security card. Do not use a
CWID Number
This is the identification number assigned by the Colleges which is on your student
ID Card.
Supervisor Printed Name
This is the supervisor name clearly printed.
Dept Name & Number (This is to be completed by your Supervisor)
Department Name is the department for which you are working. It is the name
associated with the department account number. The Department Account Number is
10 digits long. The first 6 digits are for the department that the payroll labor expense
should be charged to. The last 4 digits of 1710 are the expense category for student
payroll. The last four digits used should always be 1710. An example of how the
account number should be written is 270070-1710.
The date that the work was actually performed.
Record the hours worked for the day. Meal periods are not to be included in the total
hours worked for the day unless your employer requires you to work during that time
period. Record time worked as follows:
15 minutes = .25
30 minutes = .50
45 minutes = .75
60 minutes (1 hr) = 1.00
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Payroll Timesheet Template