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Payroll Timesheet Template Page 2
If you worked more or less than the above minutes round up or down accordingly.
For example, if you worked 1 hour and 20 minutes it should be written as 1.25 hours.
If you worked 1 hour and 25 minutes it should be written as 1.50 hours.
Sub-Total Hours
Add the total number of hours worked per week to calculate your sub-total.
Total Hours
Add the two sub-totals to calculate the total hours worked.
Employee Signature
This is the employees’ original signature
Supervisor Signature (This is to be completed by your Supervisor)
The individual who signs this form is the person for whom you have directly worked
(or the designee) and is knowledgeable about the hours recorded on the timesheet.
This should be an original signature (a stamped or photocopied signature is not
The date that you are completing the timesheet
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Payroll Timesheet Template