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Performance Appraisal Form 1
(Not to be shown to the Officer reported upon)
(This part will not be the basis for promotion in the normal course)
2. Loyalty (so as to judge his/her suitability for assignment to sensitive posts)
Has anything come to your knowledge which reflects adversely
on the officers loyalty. Yes ( ) No ( )
If „Yes‟ please give details (Add separate sheets if necessary)
2. Integrity and General Reputation :
a). Has anything come to your knowledge either as oral or written
complaint or otherwise which reflects adversely
1) On the Officers ability to honestly execute his duties Yes ( ) No ( )
ii) Showing favouritism in discharging his duties Yes ( ) No ( )
(iii) If 'Yes' please give details of particulars Yes ( ) No ( )
b) (i) Is there been any preliminary finding regarding the corrupt
practices of the Officer
(ii) Has any case of corruption on the Officer been referred to
Vigilance Department after preliminary enquiries Yes ( ) No ( )
If 'Yes' give details
3. Whether the officer requires any training for the purpose of
his present job or for any higher responsibilities Yes ( ) No ( )
4. Whether the officer should be posted to some other section/office
for better work or for other reasons (to be specified) Yes ( ) No ( )
Date: Signature of the Reporting Officer
Date/ of submission to the Reviewing Officer
Do you agree with the assessment made by the Reporting Officer Yes ( ) No ( )
If you wish to modify anything or add, please elaborate
Signature of the Reviewing Officer/Authority
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Employee Appraisal Form1