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Performance Appraisal Form 1
1. Performance Appraisal Form II (A) is meant for the category of Head Clerks, Junior Superintendent etc. of Non-Secretariat Service.
2. The form will also used for the personnel belonging to the above said categories working in other Departments / Institutions on deputation,
Foreign Service conditions, etc, and for „Non-gazetted‟ Technical Officers, When this is used for Non-gazetted Technical Officers, the
designation of the officers will be typewritten at the top of the forms and against irrelevant columns, the works 'not applicable' will be
3. The form consists of two parts viz : Part I and Part II. The facing sheet of Part I will be got filled up by the reportee. A note on "Self
Assessment" should be obtained from the reportee and filed as part of the facing sheet. “Self Assessment” to the context means a brief
resume of work done by the Officer reported upon during the period under report bringing out any special achievement of his / her during
the period, to be filled by the Officer reported upon. The resume should not exceed three hundred words. The “Self Assessmentgiven by
the reportee will help the Reporting Officer to make the ratings. The graphic portion of Section A of Part I will be prepared by marking the
appropriate grading items against the factors given. Part I will be shown to the reportee and his signature obtained. Part II is meant for
recording the assessment of the Reporting / Reviewing Officer and his signature obtained. Part 11 is meant for recording the assessment
of the Reporting / Reviewing Officer on the loyalty rid integrity of the reportee. This part will be considered as “Secret” a nd should not be
shown to be reportee. This will not be a basis for determining the Officer‟s suitability for promotion / appointment to higher posts.
4. Special care should be taken in filling up the Performance Appraisal forms by the Reporting and reviewing Officer.
5. The rating should be done taking; into account the individual's actual performance on the job during the period under report.
6. The Reporting Officer should take special care to study the factors for appraisal and apply them judiciously on the reportee‟s performance.
7. The Reviewing Officer will record his remarks in a narrative form in the column provided in the form. If he finds it necessary to revise the
gradings given by the Reporting Officer he will do so, in which case the grading given by the Reviewing Authority will prevail.
8. It is the duty of the Reporting Officers / Reviewing Officers to see that no item in the form is left unfiled.
9. The Reporting Officer in respect of a person in the category of Managers / Senior Superintendents / Financial Assistants / Administrative
Assistants / Junior Executive Officers / Senior Executive Officers, etc., shall be his immediate superior under whom he is working and the
Reviewing Officer shall be the authority to which he reporting Officer is subordinate.
10. In the case of other categories of Officers like Administrative Officers / Financial Assistants / Financial Officers, Accounts Officers in
Regional Offices and Institutions, the immediate Superior Officer concerned will write up the appraisal form / confidential records and the
heads of departments shall be the Reviewing Officer.
11. In all other matters, viz disposal of representations received from the reportees, period of writing the report etc., and on matters not
covered by these instructions, the procedure laid down in G.O. (P) No. 344/PD. dated 22-8-1966 as amended from time to time will apply.
12. In the case of Joint Secretary to Government working on other duty as Administrative Officer in the State Institute of Encyclopaedic
Publications, the Secretary / Special Secretary, Higher Education will be the Reporting Officer and the Chief Minister will be Reviewing
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